Day 2.5 ish of the whitespot escapades

So its not fully gone yet though the bigger spots seem to have vanished there’s now lots of little spots all over the swordtail.

Temperature is right up to kill any that do drop off the fish.

I don’t quite understand yet though why none of the other fish have developed it at all.

Anyway the big tank seems to have finally stopped killing guppies and the remaining guppy and redtailed shark seem nice and happy they’re active and feeding well.

I did a 20% water change in both tanks today and topped up the small one with more anti fungal stuff.

I’m going to give the big tank until saturday or sunday and then start moving the loach and cave fish over to the new bigger tank. The pleco is going absolubtly last only after I’m positive that the big tank has stopped trying to kill my fish! I’d be seriously upset if I lost him

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