Day 5 – Success

Almost all the whitespot has now gone from the swordtail there’s one or 2 small spots left but he’s mostly clear now and his tail has started opening up a little again now.

In other good news it seems my bully green tiger barb has finally stopped nipping everyones fins and those that were nipped are starting to grow back.

The big tank has also stopped killing fish now it seems I haven’t lost one since the weekend now.  So the plan tonight is to move over the 2 silver sharks give them a few days to settle and all being well I’ll move the cave fish over at the weekend then its just the loach and pleco left to move next week.  I’m trying to move them a few at a time to make sure the tank doesn’t ammonia spike and I don’t shock any of the fish too much by bulk dumping them in.  This probably isn’t needed but better safe than sorry.

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