Finally the whitespot is done

OK so finally all the whitespot is gone from my swordtail and his fins are starting to open up again.  This is a good thing.

I plan on keeping the temperature in the tanks high for a few more days to ensure its killed off any fungus in the water or gravel then start and lower it back down.

Not lost any more fish recently which is a good thing. The 2 silver sharks seem to be enjoying the extra space in their new big tank swimming around like nutters. Now they’re away from my evil fin nipping barbs perhaps their fins will grow back too now!

Plan of action is to test the water tomorrow morning and if its all good in the big tank etc move the 3x blind cave fish across into it too. Give them a few days / week to settle down and if things are all still good move the loach and pleco into it.  This is quite important to me since the loach and pleco are quite large and I don’t want to loose them so I need to be absolubtly sure the water quality is good before moving them.

Once they’re across I’m going to pick up a couple more green tiger barbs for the small tank to take their group from 5 upto 7 or 8 ish and perhaps another 5 neons to take their group upto 11.  Keep just small fish in the small tank + one of the red tailed sharks and in a few weeks a couple of baby albino pleco’s too.

For the big tank I want 2 more yoyo loaches to keep this current one happy as they’re social fish and I only have 1 at current.

I’ve also ordered an air pump and some stones from eBay for the big tank to make sure there’s enough water movement for air transferral.  I’m thinking with all the loaches and pleco and a red tailed shark I may also need some additional hiding area but I’m unsure at the moment so I’ll have to play that by ear see whats needed.

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