Here’s the new tank pictures I promised

OK so pictures of the new tank its got no fish in it at the moment and no real plants but its got all the hardscape in there.

The rocks are from the wood near me I’m lucky enough to live in a very sandy area with alot of quarrys around so the wood has a sandy floor with alot of large rocks in it. Queue a late night walk with a shovel in the wood digging holes to get to the rocks. (didn’t look too dodgy honnest).

The tree stump is a 3 foot root which I’ve had to snap the top half off as it stuck out of the top of the tank.  I’d have loved to leave it but unfortunately I have cats so need to be able to put the lid on once there’s fish in there.  Still it looks quite good.

So now its all soaking and the big rocks are keeping the treestump from floating (its full of air) The water is now starting to go the lovely brown tannin colour so in a weeks time it’ll have a near enough full water change again.

I’ve been filling the tank with shitty water from cleaning out my other tanks filters and also a friends filters and its now had a kick start of Stability through it so the bacteria levels in the filters should be upto scratch and colonised nicely.  This means when I do do the water change all I should have to do is chlorine neutralise the water to make it aquarium safe and we should be ready to go straight after that.

I’ll be ordering a load of plants this week to arrive for next weekend all I should have to do is stick them into the sand/substrate and I’m going to attach a few to the tree give it another week to settle down, do another water change if required to get rid of the tannin colour and we should be good to go.

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