DIY CO2 Generator for your aquarium

Not everyone can aford the multi-hundred pound professional CO2 setups for their tanks but that doesn’t mean they can’t still get a CO2 system setup.

This article at Think Fish shows you how to quickly, easily and simply setup your own CO2 injection system.

Plants need a constant supply of CO2 to thrive – In nature CO2 is continually replenished from groundwater, and from the respiration of organisms breaking down waste matter.
In an aquarium, CO2 is also continually produced, mainly as a waste product from respiration by bacteria and the breakdown of waste material. However, the typical amounts produced fall way short of the needs of well-planted tanks and if we do not add extra CO2, plants find life a little harder and have to expend more energy to grow. It is perfectly possible to grow healthy plants without extra CO2, but giving that extra boost can make all the difference.

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