Power cuts and your Aquarium

Having recently suffered several power cuts I went out trawling the internet to find out if there’s anything I can do to minimise the impact of powercuts on my tanks.

Turns out there’s not much but there is some.

Our aquariums are artificial habitats and as such rely on various bits of technology to function properly. Our heaters, filters, and lights are all substitutes for natural life-giving parameters in nature, and are essential for the health of our aquariums inhabitants. When power cuts occur, for whatever reason, these life support systems are switched off and detrimental changes start to happen within a few hours. To make sure your fish survive unharmed from power cuts, it is important to understand exactly what happens when these systems shut down, and how to minimise any potential damage both during and after a loss of power.

You can read the full article over at Think Fish

I now have a handy cat battery near by along with a load of filters, heaters, air pumps converted to run off 12v DC

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