APS External Filter Troubles aka APS Customer Service rocks!

I’ve recently had a little bit of trouble with my All Ponds Solutions external filter (as reviews here).  It developed a small leak to the point it was spitting out a good litre a day of water onto the floor.

I quickly shut it off and got in touch with APS regarding the issue. The were very helpful and fast to respond.  Quickly identifying the issue and shipping me out a new tap connector part to hopefully resolve the issue.

I fitted the part on Monday night and the pump has now been running for 3 days again, its upto pressure and flow is good.  So far I’ve seen no re-occurance of the leak and all seems to be good

Thumbs up to @allpondsolution for their great service and support in fixing the problem fast.

ps: if you want to send me some free stuff to review feel free 🙂

2 thoughts on “APS External Filter Troubles aka APS Customer Service rocks!”

  1. Hi I have the 2000ef but the pipe that fits over the intake pipe is not a tight fit as it had like circular nobs and air get in I can’t do a fifty percent water change as air gets in the top pipe how can I fix this problem

    1. I assume you mean the bit that can be used for the surface skimmer attachment. There’s 2 thing you can do. Firstly take that bit of section out of the inlet pipe. Secondly do t do a 50% water change. Do 15-20% at most once a week is more than enough

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