Well my filters leaking again but in other good news….

So the external filter is leaking again but this time I now have a spare AquaOne Aquis 1200 filter to use in its place.  So no waiting around for parts to arrive this time yay.

I’ve also had delivered a nice new tank for my community fish its a 7 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot so as soon as I’ve finished decorating the living room its got a new home.  Once I start setting it up I’ll get some pictures of the process and stick them up here its going to be slow going though.  The old 200 litre tank will become a species specific tank as the missus wants snowball pleco’s so I’ll do the tank up to match their requirements and have only them in there.  It’ll be interesting as I’ll be attempting to get them to breed.

In other news in the new year I’ll be posting up some reviews of the Ehiem Aquaball range as I’ve now been trying out one of each of these little internals now for a while.  I’ll also be posting up a review of the resun range of budget air pumps as found on ebay.

Have a good new year everyone

3 thoughts on “Well my filters leaking again but in other good news….”

  1. My pump does not work as well as it use to be can you help I think it could be to much media

    1. Could be too much media inside the baskets it could also be the impeller blade is mucked up, strip it all down and clean it up, use cotton buds to get into the small gaps.

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