Plans for the new year

So this year I have some plans.

  • I have a new 1000 Litre tank to setup.
  • I have to kit out the 200 Litre tank for snowball pleco’s I’m going to “attempt” to breed them almost impossible in captivity but I’ll give it a shot anyway.
  • I need to kit out one of the little 2 foot tanks for breeding albino bristlenose as I have a 10 strong breeding group from 2 different bloodlines so it should be good.
  • Keep my patience up with the planted tank.
  • Attempt to build my own tanks
  • Find suppliers for aquarium equipment so I can open an online aquatics store 🙂
  • Attempt a CO2 injected planted tank
  • Get vampire pleco’s and attempt breeding (will require another new tank)
  • Get a few more pleco’s for the 1000L tank (if anyone has any I’ll take them off your hands especially species that get large!)

Lots to do 🙂 happy 2012 peoples

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