Resun air pump review

So many of use have air pumps in our aquariums some because they look pretty, some to keep heavily planted tanks oxygenated at night and others because their fish need them to help create highly oxygenated water.

There are hundreds of different air pumps to choose from however people always like a good bargin and they don’t get much cheaper than the Resun range of air pumps readily available on eBay and other places.  Resun is a chinese manufacturer and their air pumps look very similar to the Biorb pumps you can buy.  Whether the Biorb pumps are simply rebranded Resuns or whether Resun has copied the Biorb outer casing design is anyones guess.

The Air 1000 and 2000 are single outlet air pumps with the 2000 working at a higher output than the 1000.  The 3000 is a double output capable of driving 2 different air stones and a higher output still.

While I have no way to measure the airflow being output from the pumps all did a good job of kicking out a fair whack of air on both small stones, large stones and long bubble wall strips.

The main thing of this review is value for money! are these budget air pumps as reliable and as cost effective as going for one of the more expensive makes eg: Tetratec APS series pumps.

The simple answer is YES. The are they run reliable and well with no noticable drop off in air flow over time.  Spare parts are cheap and readily available too in case of failure.

The only real downside to these pumps is the noise.  They are considerably louder than the more expensive alternatives.  Thats not to say its offensively loud but they are louder.  Most of the noise comes not from air movement or the pump motor its self but from vibration on the side/surface the pump is standing on. While they do come with rubberised feet these seem to make little to no difference. Lifting the pump off the surface it suddenly becomes nearly silent so if you put something sponge or foam under the pump I dare say it’ll resolve all the issues.

All in the pumps are a cheap and cheerful way of supplying oxygen to your tanks and if you can put up with the little downside then they are a brilliant and cost effective solution.

Resun Air 1000
Resun Air 1000
Resun Air 2000
Resun Air 2000
Resun Air 3000
Resun Air 3000

8 thoughts on “Resun air pump review”

  1. I Brought Air 2000 to replace my one but it has a mains plug and very short lead so doesn’t reach my socket. Its noisier than the standard biorb one. This means its not very efficient.

  2. Could anyone advise please how to reduce air supply, mine one is 2000 model..

  3. I have an Air 3000 that’s about 3 – 4 weeks old. It is incredibly noisy and I noticed, to my horror, that it had become red hot. The outer casing actually melted where it was in contact with the air tube. Dangerous dangerous dangerous. Don’t know how the company gets away with it. Could have burned the house down. I have replaced it with a different brand – one where the instructions and diagrams actually match the product they came with!

    1. Sorry to hear that mine is still running 24/7 for about 8 months now with no problems barely warm. If it got hot enough to melt it sounds like it was shorting out internally 🙁

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