So tank plans for the coming weeks.

While I’m in the middle of decorating the entire house I’m also going to be having a tank re-arrange.

1000L tank will house the following and will be my new community tank

  • 1x “Common” pleco
  • 4x Silver/Bala sharks
  • 2x Red tailed black sharks
  • 4x Rainbows (mixed types 2 dwarf 2 large adults not too familiar with their exact sub species)
  • 10x Green Laser Corydora’s
  • 1x L14 (Sunshine)
  • 2x L200 (Green Phantom)
  • 2x L128 (Blue Phantom)
  • 2x Golden Nugget (Most likely L177 variety)
  • 3x Torpedo Barbs (denison barbs)
  • 6x Angels (leopoldi angels most likely)

The 200L tank will be a semi biotope that will house the following

  • 6-10 Snowball Plecos L142 (breeding group)
  • 10 Albino Bristlenose (breeding group)

Now the albinos wont be permanent residents as they’re only just initially going in to hopefully encourage the snowballs to breed. Bristlenose need no encouragement to breed and will go at it like rabbits if left to their own devices, I’m hoping the hormones released by them at it will encourage the snowballs.  After they do the albinos will be removed from this tank.

This tank may also hold some smaller surface fish just because I have no where else really to put them!

The 60L tank will be torn down and become a planted tank housing only 2 types of fish

  • 6x Glass Cats
  • 10x  Harlequin Rasboras

My current 35L planted tank will be torn down and sold off to be replaced with a 60L fry rearing tank

I’ll also be making myself a new tank which will be a 60x60x20 cm tank ie: it’ll be a shallow square!  This will be planted up with the idea of both submerged and emersed growth on the wood coming out of the water.

So that’s my plan for the coming weeks after I’ve finished decorating.  I’ll also be doing some custom plumbing for the 1000L tank for easy water changes and will be posting an article up on that one when I get chance.

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