AMAZON WATCH » Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam

AMAZON WATCH » Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam.

So very important you all read this.  The quote below is from a forum I frequent that specialises in plecos.

If you search around the web you’ll find plenty of sound bites about the xingu.

I have just been chatting with an exporter in Santarem, he speaks daily via MSN with his fisherman in Altamira. This is what he told me:

The water is now red, due to the excavation work syphoning the sand out of the river. This is very bad for the river “it is finished”.

I asked him what fish will be affected?

L18/81, L14, L25, L46, Leopoldi Rays – yes everything it is finished!
He sent large L25 to Hong Kong last week for $250ea, they cost him in the region of $160-190ea, but his fisherman cannot find them now in the red water.

This has come first hand from Discus Exporter based in Santarem that also gets involved with black rays and a few pleco’s.

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