Readers Questions – Help my tank is constantly mucky

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I have a 180cms x 60cms x 60cms aquarium filtered by a Eheim professional e the large one that should filter 700litre unfortunately it cannot get my Aquarium clear . 4 large plecs of over 44cms each and 4 silver sharks that are thriving in the murky water the largest one of them is 20cms.We would just like to see them any suggestions?

Regular water changes at least once a week, clean the filter every couple of months in tank water and make sure there’s no deadspots in the tank where fish poop can gather. Use a powerhead if needs be to get the water swirling well.
Also don’t forget to gravel vac every water change 4 large plecs will put out alot of mess so its going to increase your frequency of your water changes and general tank maintenance.
Having wood in the tank while a requirement for most pleco species can also leech tannins into the water which will turn it a tea brown colour. This brown colour can easily be removed by regular water changes to dilute it down or if you want a quick fix put a filter sock of purigen into your canister filter it’ll clear it over night pretty much.

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