Readers Questions – How many fish to keep in my tank

I have a 46 gallon aquarium. What and how many other fish should I put in with my Albino Bristlenose Plecostomids?

If thats a UK Gallon then thats 209 Litres ish and an Redneck Gallon its 174 Litres. So we know we’re looking at stocking for a middle size tank. Now there’s loads of options if you only have a few bristlenose in there at the moment but without knowing the exact dimensions a couple of the choices could be questionable. If its a shallow tank then Angels are out of the question but for now I’ll assume its something like a Juwel Rio 200.

You have lots of options and the choice is upto you really. While you have to avoid the larger cat fish as the tank isn’t big enough there’s no reason why you couldn’t put a shoal of say 20 Harlequins in, 6-10 dwarf cory’s of some kind (I like pandas) and then a couple of feature fish 2 angels would be perfect.

Alternatively you can go purely with smaller fish and put in say 20 Harlequins and 20 hatchet. I much perfer harlequins to the more common fish of neons/platty/sword tail.

Another option is to go for a group of middle sized fish perhaps 10 chocolate gouramis then a few small dither fish perhaps killi’s or something. Which ever route you take you have alot of options just avoid the bigger fish.

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