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Update: today Andy is not doing well. All of her fines are frailed at the end and she has lots of red under her skin. She is not moving around at all and breathing abnormally.

Unfortunately as before there’s not much you can do just make sure the water is in top quality its well oxygenated. May be worth while sticking a couple of airstones in if you can to increase surface movement and oxygen levels.

There’s no real potions or lotions you can use for this and to be honest 99% of them don’t work anyway. All you can do is sit back and wait. If it looks like she’s being bullied you could remove the bullying fish or move her to a holding tank on her own for a while (although this may further stress her) but apart from that sit back and keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. hay Dave I need advise my gold head Mollie which I got in April the same time I got all my other tropical fish but for some it keeps weaving back and forth in front of my black skirt tetra and keeps very close under Neath its back end chasing my black skirt tetra around the tank it started from day one as I brought them both together and I thought it would of calm down buy now but he still weaving back and forth in front of the black skirts face and chasing the black skirt closely under its tail fine and im worried please can you help PS my gold head molly weaves back and froth and chases the black skirt tetra closely behind its tail even worse once I’ve done there water changing as well

    1. Sounds like the mollie isn’t settled / isn’t settling and is trying to stamp his authority on the black skirt. Not sure why but if your tank can support it perhaps a couple more mollies it may calm down in a group of its own kind more. Failing that you could also try adding some quite dense tall real plants to the tank see if it feels better with a little cover in there to hide in.

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