Reader Questions: What to do with pest snails

Hi. I have had a tank for over a year & have had no bother with it , but about 6 weeks ago I put a live plant in along with my artificial ones & now I’m plagued with baby snails. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them, I squash as much as I can but back they come, hope you can help Geo. { I,ve removed the plant}


Easiest way is to put in some fish that eat snails, the obvious ones that spring to mind are YoYo loaches.  Another alternative would be assassin snails although as I found my assassins seem more interested in eating each other than the pest snails.

You can also use a snail trap to harvest them.  Get a small mouthed bottle (something your fish wont fit in) put some lettuce leaf inside it and sink it into the water over night.  Pull it out the next day remove empty the bottlefull of snails you have and repeat.

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