Readers Questions: Can my albino plec cross breed with my albino catfish?

I have had a 55 gal tank for many years with gold fish. When they got big I put them in my pond. A few months ago it empty and a friend wanted to find homes for several different kinds of fish. I got 3 plecos, two catfish (one albino) a long dark fish with red tail (some kind of shark I was told). A about a month ago I started seeing baby plecs. Cute I thought..until now I have about 80!! Many are albinos. I wondered if they were cross breeding with the albino catfish. Also, what do I do with them!! I do have two ponds and I read they can live in temps down to 47 degrees. That is about the coldest my ponds get in the winter. I live in southern oregon. My questions are, are they cross breeding? Can I slow down the breeding and can I put some in my pond? Here is a video of the kind of adult pleco I have and the albino catfish as well as some of the many babies!

Lots of parts to this one so hang tight.

The fact the albino plecs are breeding means you have your tank setup well and you have a good male in there though you may want to separate the male off every so often to stop them from breeding and let him eat/recover otherwise it has been known that a male will breed let out the fry then immediately breed again eventually starving himself as he isn’t getting any feeding time/rest so keep an eye on them.

As for the babies 80 is a nice quantity keep feeding them cucumber and algae pellets let them grow once they get up to about an inch and a half to 2 inches in size most local fish shops will purchase them off you.  I sell my albino babies to my LFS for £2 each they sell them for £4 each so everyone makes a profit and its all good.  I don’t know what its like in America land but you can probably arrange something similar out there talk to your local shop owner see what he thinks.

For your cross breeding it won’t be an issue as your albino cat fish are actually Cory’s so no they won’t cross breed.

As for keeping them in a pond I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed.  At 47 degrees that’s 8 Celsius that’s much much much too low.  The lowest I’ve ever seen/kept plecs and have them survive is 17 Celsius that’s 62.6 Fahrenheit.  If you put your plecs in the ponds at current all you’ll get is a load of dead plecs.

Hope that helps

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